Interview with an Atheist

What exactly are your feelings towards God, and why?

“Mostly angry at him for inventing things like the common cold and insects that plant their young inside of other insects who then slowly eat them alive from the inside out over the course of days or weeks.”


Science is Sexist

As I’ve researched for this post, reading through many accounts of misogyny conducted by atheists and their elites, I found plenty of evidence supporting the sexist tendencies of atheists but never a reason as to why. What is it about atheism, apart from the obvious lack of morals, causing sexism within their movement? Then I had my ah-ha moment—science is sexist.

My Journey from Skepticism to Mysticism

If not for my angsty teenage years, I would not have challenged theism enough to discover how deep it goes. Faith is not blindly following a belief, it is giving yourself to the darkness. That we are in the dark is our innate, human condition. Faith is not complacency in a dark world, but a choice to act in darkness without worry or fear.