The Nature of God, a conversation

Therein lies the great fallacy of atheism. You tell me the Universe is not guided by reason because it can be explained by reason. You say our existence is merely part of a system which follows logic, and therefore the system has no logic.


The UnGodly Truth: Secularism is Causing Global Warming

Hard to deny there’s a direct correlation between the rise in atheism, and global warming. Atheists credit themselves with the technological and industrial progress made since Late Antiquity, are they proud of what they’re doing to the Earth?

The Age of Pseudoskepticism

Why does science work? Ask that to an atheist, and they will say it just does. Duh. Of course it does. It makes perfect sense. It is self correcting, peer reviewed, and when experiments produce consistent results this implies something factual about the world. To an atheist, if science can’t explain it then it doesn’t exist. To this claim, I say “prove it.”