What Caused the Uncaused Cause?

The error atheists make is thinking that Aristotle meant the Prime Mover was like the person who pushes the first domino, setting off a series of events. The person in this analogy had a cause, her parents created her, therefore God must have a creator as well. God, according to Aristotle and St. Thomas, did not set the Universe in motion by giving it a push; God is the teleology (the purpose served by change rather than by postulated causes) of the causal Universe.


Trump: Liar & Atheist

It has always been the aim of secularists to elect an atheist into the office of the President of the United States. Never have they been closer to achieving this goal, and never have the stakes been higher. With November only 2 months away, atheists are putting all their effort into supporting the campaign for possibly the first atheist president—Donald Trump.

No, Atheist Lives Don’t Matter

It seems reprehensible to suggest someone’s life doesn’t matter—but this is an objective fact about atheism. They’ll be the first to tell you that life has no meaning, or some platitude about how we must find our own meaning. Sorry atheists, life does have meaning and serves as much function to God as a brain cell serves to the mind; in this analogy, atheism is cancer.