Tips on Debating Atheists

It can be very frustrating when you’re making an original argument, and rather than producing a counter-argument specific to your claim, the atheist regurgitates some one-liner like “which God?”. That’s why I put together this handy guide: Tips on Debating Atheists.


No, Atheist Lives Don’t Matter

It seems reprehensible to suggest someone’s life doesn’t matter—but this is an objective fact about atheism. They’ll be the first to tell you that life has no meaning, or some platitude about how we must find our own meaning. Sorry atheists, life does have meaning and serves as much function to God as a brain cell serves to the mind; in this analogy, atheism is cancer.

The Age of Pseudoskepticism

Why does science work? Ask that to an atheist, and they will say it just does. Duh. Of course it does. It makes perfect sense. It is self correcting, peer reviewed, and when experiments produce consistent results this implies something factual about the world. To an atheist, if science can’t explain it then it doesn’t exist. To this claim, I say “prove it.”

My Journey from Skepticism to Mysticism

If not for my angsty teenage years, I would not have challenged theism enough to discover how deep it goes. Faith is not blindly following a belief, it is giving yourself to the darkness. That we are in the dark is our innate, human condition. Faith is not complacency in a dark world, but a choice to act in darkness without worry or fear.