“Atheism doesn’t just hurt the individual; it hurts their friends, families, and Jesus.” Michael Smit

As a teenager, atheism seemed very appealing to me. I was free from consequences, and could follow an ideology that requires no critical thought. It wasn’t until I became educated in science that I began seeing the radicalism of the atheist movement. It took 3 years of existential dread, drug use, and depression before I was ready to shake my atheist dogma. Now I’m here to pass on what I learned to my peers.

Help4Atheists is dedicated to saving atheists from the one person standing between them and freedom from suffering—themselves. With a little help from God and science, every willing atheist is capable of being saved. Sadly many atheists are not willing, and that is why I also write for friends and family members of individuals struggling with atheism.

Parents, if your child is suffering from atheism, your answers are in this blog.

Michael Smit