The UnGodly Truth: Secularism is Causing Global Warming

There have been many End Times theories, but never a threat like what atheism poses. Atheism doesn’t just promise mass extinction, it promises several scenarios, all of which are validated and agreed upon by scientists. The main three are global warming, the energy crisis, and overpopulation.

90% of scientists agree that life on Earth is at great risk because atheists play God with the environment.

The basic ontology of atheism is their reductionist materialists doctrine; they presume that reality is composed fundamentally of discrete constituents. This contrasts the theistic view that everything shares a connection and the individuality of phenomena is misidentifying events of energy (forms) as holding intrinsic material characteristics.

Balance is the essential law of nature. Atheists, being materialists, believe that our existence can be explained exclusively in terms of the physical and therefore don’t believe in a pervasive force of maintaining nature’s balance. When an animal species becomes overpopulated, they use up their food supply faster, and die off. Humans, on the other hand, fight against death by developing technology and medicines which selfishly improves our longevity and contentment. This creates more tension between our lifestyle and the natural balance of our ecosystem.

Atheists gleefully take responsibility for this. Either they don’t see the danger of progressively using up Earth’s finite resources and polluting the atmosphere, or they don’t care. 90% of scientists agree that life on Earth is at great risk because atheists play God with the environment.

Fig. 1
Above is a graph (Fig. 1) showing the rise of global temperature. There is little doubt that the temperature spike is caused by CO2 pollution, given the equivalent growth in CO2 emissions over the same timeline, and our knowledge of greenhouses gases. Now let’s compare this to a graph (Fig. 2) showing the rise in atheism.

Fig. 2
Hard to deny there’s a direct correlation between the rise in atheism, and global warming. Atheists credit themselves with the technological and industrial progress made since Late Antiquity, are they proud of what they’re doing to the Earth?

From this study, we conclude that atheism is directly responsible for the current apocalyptic crises facing the world. Not surprising, since they find life to be meaningless and they don’t share our God-given will to life. So remember, curing atheism isn’t just important to their well-being, but also the survival of the human race.


3 thoughts on “The UnGodly Truth: Secularism is Causing Global Warming

  1. Albeit I agree that atheists are a danger to the well being of the world and humanity, I must say that the warming that has occurred since the 1940s is largely due to the cycles of the sun. The sun is now entering a less active cycle and this will become apparent in the next few years. One must bear in mind the flawed data, skewed data that the mainstream media relies upon in its ongoing mantra: “the most recent month has been the warmest on record”. Yes, if most of your data points are located near concrete cities and thus are not comprehensive for the entire surface of the earth, you get “warmer” temps.


  2. A helpful tip for the blogger. I checked and I do not see this post showing up under the tags you assigned to it. This is likely because you used more than 14 (fourteen) tags for it. There is a limit. Do not assign more than say 12 or 13 (tags and categories combined). This happened to me on my blog a couple of times. If you use less than the limit, your post appears on the tags you give it. If you use more than the limit, your post does not appear on any of the tags. Keep blogging!

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